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Lag Blom

FöregåendeNästa Byarums bruk Skillinge   Fotskrapa   Fungi   Block
  Blom   Stor Blom   Små Blom   Vid Blom   Volt
  Jujol-soffa   Jujol-bänk   Duett   Odd   Joy   Cross
  Vilamoura   Arkus   Parkas   Piccolo   Seriff   Låg Blom

Design: Mårten Cyrén
For: Byarums Bruk AB
Year: 2015

The Blom Series has become popular and works well in many different environments. After discussing with clients, I found that another member of the Blom family could be interesting and motivated. A low plant vessel with generous planting area, offers to enjoy the content of the vessel up close without compromising the planting depth for the plants. In terms of form, I have put the emphasis on giving the six segmented vessel a powerful and supple volume.

Lag Blom Låg Blom Låg Blom Låg Blom Låg Blom