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Jujol, Parksoffa

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Design: Mårten Cyrén
For: Byarums Bruk AB
Year: 2005

At the turn of the century furniture for the garden became more popular, and sometimes earlier and more exclusive models were interpreted and adapted for the masses. Later on these adaptations were again reinterpreted and so on.

Garden furniture has often had this trait of retrospection.
It has been inspiring to reflect on the history of this kind of furniture while working with Jujol.

And naturally I have not distanced myself particularly from the traditional garden or park furniture. Rather the result is yet another reinterpretation. I believe everyone that sees Jujol recognizes it, with its wooden sticks and casted frame it becomes an archetype in the garden and the park.

Jujol, ParksoffaJujol, Parksoffa